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Sharing Stories

It’s through stories that we are able to gain a true understanding of one another’s experiences with health and wellness-related issues. Please explore some of the stories posted here and add your own!

It’s through stories that we are able to gain a true understanding of one another’s experiences with health and wellness-related issues. Please explore some of the stories posted here and add your own!

We ask that you keep your stories as anonymous as possible. When sharing your story or vision, please be sure not to use names of individuals or specific care centres. Use “doctor,” “volunteer,” or another identifier instead. Feel free to upload a picture along with your story.

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  • Featured Story: A Smile Goes a Long Way

    over 2 years ago

    Carl’s favourite thing about his job at an Edmonton continuing care centre is the residents- he likes to put a smile on their faces, and has gotten to know most of them pretty well.

    Carl’s been working there for about seven years, since he was 18. Most of his time is spent in the food service and housekeeping departments, but he is often on the floor and that’s where he gets to interact with the residents. Carl sees the efforts that the staff put into delivering the best care possible reflected in the smiles on the residents’ faces: “… the... Continue reading

  • Featured Story: Transitioning from home: insights from a family caregiver

    over 2 years ago
    Bev and syd 1

    Bev’s been involved with seniors for years – starting about 20 years ago, she drove the bus for the senior centre in Bonnyville that took residents on excursions, and she sometimes still drives it today if they need an extra driver. She helped with her mother-in-law’s transition to long term care several years ago, and, in 2014, with her husband Syd’s move to a long term care centre. She knows from experience what’s important to quality seniors care.

    Bev admits that Syd’s move to long term care was tough – as a ‘brainy workaholic’ for much of his life, the... Continue reading

  • Featured Story: Compromising the Caregiver

    over 2 years ago

    My father and mother were both in frail health. Most of the time Mom cared for Dad, but sometimes her back went out and she was laid up for days at a time. Then Dad tried to take over, even though he was half-blind, had swallowing issues, and was shaky on his feet. I took to stopping in on my way to and from work to attend to anything they’d need that day, so things didn’t get out of hand.

    Being proactive can’t prevent crisis, though.

    One day a call came at work. Dad had fallen getting out of the... Continue reading

  • Featured Story: Flights of Food

    over 2 years ago

    With seven years under his belt, Carl knows the ins and outs of the food service at an Edmonton continuing care centre. He sees the behind-the-scenes care and attention that goes into preparing meals for 180 residents, many with varying dietary requirements, personal preferences and needs. “It can be a real challenge to coordinate.” They make nearly all of their own food in-house: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And to reflect the diversity of the residents, they also incorporate food from different cultures into the menu planning — they’ve made Ukrainian, Filipino, and French dishes to name a few. Carl often... Continue reading

  • A Connected, Caring Community

    over 2 years ago
    Karen and father

    I am passionate about improving the quality and delivery of senior-care in Alberta; and I know a little something about the subject, as I’ve been caring for my parents for many years, in many facilities. I currently chair the Family and Resident Council where my father resides.

    My mother, who lived with rheumatoid arthritis since her 30’s, moved into a long-term care centre when she required 2 people, on a permanent basis, to help her stay mobile. My dad, who has had several strokes, has Crohn’s and a form of dementia, moved to the same home approximately 4 years later,... Continue reading

  • Family & Resident Councils: Caring Together

    over 2 years ago
    Mom   dad at fireplace

    In my experience, when Health Care goes wrong, it’s because the connection is lost. We need to continue to provide avenues for residents and family to easily connect with those involved in care delivery.

    In my volunteer role as Chair of the Family & Resident council, many of the complaints I hear are from people are when the ‘connection’ to resident is lost and no one is sure where to turn. In my experience, when the care is deemed to not have been satisfactory, is when we don’t understand why something is happening or it is different from our expectations.... Continue reading

  • The Balancing Act

    over 2 years ago
    Will   grandpa at hockey

    Like many families at the at my father’s long term care centre, I am highly involved in my parents’ care. I strongly believe we all need to get more involved in senior’s care. We need to step up and realize that you can’t just check in your loved one at the front door & walk away.

    Further, some people believe health care should be 100% free -- free of charge, free of commitment to visit or invest time. And it’s simply not. As in life, there has to be balance; elder care will never be entirely free and a community... Continue reading

  • My Mother suffers from dementia.

    over 2 years ago

    As I learn more about the dreaded state of dementia suffered by my mother, it becomes apparent that knowledge of the disease is golden for her comfort.

    She resides in Memory Care . Her room is lovely and the staff seem to care very much for her. She is very sweet and usually compliant. We have hired a caring person to visit her three times a week, and the family visits as time allows.

    A team of staff who specialize in caring for people with dementia would be so beneficial and a comfort to the family. I and my family... Continue reading